Ellams produces cards for every application: Banking, Telecom, Smart Cards,
Contactless Cards, Identification, Retail, Loyalty, Direct Mail and other card applications.



Identity documents, amongst which national identity cards are one of the most common forms, allow people to exist in the eyes of society. Citizens use them whenever they need to prove who they are or where they come from, to fulfil their civic duties or cross borders. Without a legal identity document, citizens cannot access basic human rights such as healthcare, education, social welfare and the right to work.

Ellams has the solution for providing a complete range of identity cards. We are committed to citizens and governments alike to issue modern and reliable ID documents that comply with international and/or local regulations. Specialized in helping governments modernize their public infrastructures, we deliver electronic ID cards, enabling citizens to securely access eServices.


ID documents produced by Ellams are robust and durable.


Ellams ID documents offer the most advanced security features. They are easy and quick to inspect, and hard to reproduce

Highly secure

The secure OS of ID documents offers the best levels of interoperability and cryptographic security based on the latest JavaCard™, Global Platform and Common Criteria specifications.


The Driver’s License (DL) and Identification (ID) Card is the document that residents use to prove their identity in order to gain access to a wide range of services, benefits and privileges. As the most often used and widely accepted credential for establishing identity, it is highly valuable and must be protected.

Ellams offers a range of secure card solutions giving state motor vehicle agencies options and features that balance security and budget requirements. These fully compliant solutions keep pace with evolving state, provincial and national regulations, and include AAMVA1 and REAL ID standards. Ellams security designing & personalization security methodology help Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV) stay ahead of counterfeiters with tamper-proof/tamper-evident cards. Personalization of these secure credentials can be done via instant issuance at the counter or in state-of-the-art secure Central Issuance factories.

Card Design

The secure credentials produced by Ellams protect cardholder identities, resist counterfeiting and provide fast, accurate authentication.


DL authority can choose from a variety of card solutions that offer quality, maximum durability, and advanced security.