Ellams produces cards for every application: Banking, Telecom, Smart Cards,
Contactless Cards, Identification, Retail, Loyalty, Direct Mail and other card applications.


We have the highest knowledge, technology and the skill that can ensure the appropriate security level it demands for your documents of value.

Risk of forgery and falsification has been always a growing concern for many businesses, such as educational, financial, medical and other consumer goods.

Producing sensitive documents demands the highest levels of quality, security and experience.

We have high security designing software which can generate non-reproducible designs and Security features can be included in the document according to the protection level. Security features that can be incorporated in the document


Is an ornamental pattern formed of two or more curved bands that interlace to repeat a circular design. They are made with a geometric lathe

Micro Printing

Is the use of extremely small text, and is most often used on currency and bank checks. The text is generally small enough to be undiscernable to the naked eye. Cheques, for example, use mcroprint as the signature line.


We can print using Ultra-violet Invisible ink which is visible only under UV light. We also print Ultra violet visible fluorescent Ink which glows under UV light.

Anti-Photocopy Patterns

Are introduced to prevent people without sophisticated training to easily copy currency using computer and photocopy technology.

Colour Changing Inks / Optical variable Inks (OVI)

We use color changing inks which is a chemical that changes color once viewed at a different angle. The color of the ink does not actually change, but the angle of the light to the viewer's eye changes and thus creates the change in color. Currently there are only three types, green to purple, gold to green and green to lilac.

Water Marks

We order paper with special watermarks from all reputed paper manufacturers and portals as per the security document requirements. A watermark is a recognizable image or pattern in paper that appears lighter or darker than surrounding paper when viewed with a light from behind the paper, due to paper density variations. A watermark is made by impressing a water coated metal stamp or dandy roll onto the paper during manufacturing.

Registration of features on both Sides

Security Documents are typically printed with fine alignment between the printings on each side of the document. This allows the document to be examined for this feature and provides opportunities to unambiguously align other features of the note to the printing. Again, this is difficult to imitate accurately enough in most print shops.

Rainbow Prints

We can print rainbow prints using offset printing technologies with split ducts.

Our experienced staff can assist you in all security printing requirements. Working Procedure and practices followed in organizations providing security printing services are very important. That is why we pay a special attention to our working environment in order to provide the required fully integrated security system. We have 20+ Years of experience security printing.


Ballot Printing Systems provide election officials the ability to produce accurate ballots on-site and on-demand in varying quantities—from individual early voting or counter ballots to large batches of mail ballots. This advanced solution is flexible, secure and cost-effective. The Ellams help jurisdictions print correct ballots with complete accuracy and with a full audit trail.

The Ellams Ballot Printing System gives you numerous possibilities including various form factors and “a la carte” add-on features that allow for tremendous flexibility and price options to purchase exactly what is needed. Our multiple printers offer a wide range of ballot sizes.

Ballot papers with special features may be restricted in potential production facilities, and to be produced secured manufacturing printing companies only, either through lack of technology required or lack of capacity to complete the task within the available time frame. For example:



Connects to voter registration to print voter’s correct ballot.


Eliminates human error in selecting and handling ballots


Multi-layered security protects against unauthorized use


Flexible sizes — get more layout on less pages.


Only generates the quantities specified


Full audit trail of all requested ballots


Specifically designed for use by non-technical operators


Packaging as per Election Official requirements and its easy for distribution.


We supply International Standard Security Certificates and documents for Educational Purposes such as: